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Don’t Wait For Permission: Why Authors Should Be Entrepreneurs

Yes! Great inspiration! Thank you 🙂

David Gaughran

EntrepreneurSmallThe self-publishing blogosphere usually focuses on making money from genre fiction, and tends to advise producing as much quality work as you can as quickly as possible, and then marketing it aggressively.

That’s not bad advice at all, but there are many other types of books, several different kinds of authors, and multiple ways you can approach making a living.

Joanna Penn (writing as JF Penn) has hit the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists with her fiction, but also has an extremely popular blog and podcast aimed at writers, as well as several non-fiction books.

I invited her along today to talk about her latest – Business For Authors: How To Be An Author Entrepreneur – in which Joanna provides excellent advice on ALL the ways that authors can monetize both their work and their knowledge/skills. And it’s especially useful for those who don’t fit exactly into…

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Modern Glam Autumn Wedding In Fig And Gold

In Public Relations Go for Strategies Not for Ploys

The Yellow Coin Communication (TYCC)

So you can experience achievements right around the area. You need something fast to take benefits of the strength you can experience shaking in the air. However, you don’t exactly have something organized, or what you do have organized you just noticed won’t perform for your needs.
What to do? You need to get something out there fast but don’t want to hurry anything. While you may not have anything to the side, there are a few concepts you can go for. These are more or less assured to be secure enough to throw out in a touch when you really need something to get out there quick.
Of course one way to get your term out there is to discuss to OTHER individuals who can help you get the phrase out. Journalists and influencers on the web are a fast way to at least get some interest to your…

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The foundation of PR: Relationships

Wow! Great post. I’m a public relations specialist, myself

Amanda Colon

While many seem to think the traditional era of PR has ended, one of the most primary elements remains the same.
Amanda Colon

While the ever-changing world of technology continues to change the way we view our profession, the foundation remains the same. Public Relations is named after a key element of the industry, relations. Relations with who? The public. This is not as cliché as it sounds; it really is the bottom line of everything we do.
From the work we write to the media we select to carry our messages, PR is about establishing meaningful relationships, both internally and externally. Whether it is a brand, a service, or a non-profit organization, the goal is to maintain success through loyalty. Most of the leading companies with the most engaging social media, advertisements and overall following have established a relationship far beyond that of the buyer/seller. They have proven themselves…

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“You’re such a Virgo”

I’m a Virgo, and all of that made complete sense to me. Virgo’s are a lot of things, but mostly amazing people. Their attributes completely make up for their faults. Great post!

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