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Kind Campaign: what a revolutionary idea. Though this movement for the abolition of damaging societal interactions between females shouldn’t be necessary, it’s drawing light to an issue that’s been both trivialized and sensationalized for decades: girls and women can be inextricably, injuriously mean to one another, and we’ve let it go on for far too long.

It strikes me as somewhat ironic that it took the plugging of a prominent male actor for the organization to garner its present booming attention, but I digress.

Mean girls doing mean things. These behaviors don’t have to be explicit; if you’ve ever been looked up and down upon walking into your favorite coffee shop, “accidentally” bumped in the school hallways or had a vicious rumor about you come straight from the mouth of another lady, you’ve experienced the inspiration for Kind Campaign.

High school is one hell of an example; some of the…

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