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Hatha Yoga Improves Brain Activity Of The Elderly

Yoga and the Elderly

“A new study published by the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign showed that practicing hatha yoga three times a week for eight weeks can improve older adults’ cognitive skills.

The research involved 108 adults between the age of 55 and 79. They were split in two groups and 61 of them attended hatha yoga classes, while the others met for the same amount of sessions but practiced stretching and toning exercises instead.

Neha Gothe is an assistant professor at Wayne State University and contributed to this study. She said that after the eight weeks program the yoga group was able to process more information, more quickly and accurately. They were tested on complex cognitive skills like reasoning and multi-tasking and results showed that the yoga group performances were significantly better than the stretching group.”

“Gothe explained that the study focused on hatha yoga, the most popular form of yoga in North America.

“It essentially is a combination of physical postures and movements, what we call as asanas, and it also has some breathing exercises, what we call pranayamas,” Gothe said. “It also has some meditative exercises as well.”

She added that one reason the yoga group showed improvement in cognition may be the amount of focus the practice requires.

“When you are practicing yoga, you are very much in the moment. You are following the instructor and the cues they are giving you so there is very little scope for your mind to get distracted, “Gothe said. “When you are out of yoga practice and when you are doing your everyday activities, you tend to carry on that focus and that attention.” ”




“Previous research has demonstrated that practicing yoga can have immediate psychological effects. It helps decrease anxiety, depression and stress. This new study suggests that this experiment may have boosted participants’ performances by reducing their stress.

“The eight weeks of yoga practice might have led to lower anxiety and lower stress levels for our participants and that might have led them to perform better on the cognitive tasks that they completed,” Gothe said.

The findings, which were published in The Journals of Gerontology Series A: Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences, are still preliminary. Gothe said research needs to explore whether eight weeks is sufficient or if the practice should last longer to show more differences. She said looking at other forms of yoga would be interesting to see if those affect cognition as well.”



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Demand that People with Mental Illness Be Treated with Respect

Petite Girls Guide

IMG_3485.JPG Petition


Helping Families In Mental Crisis


CHECK OUT THIS SITE: It’s a place where you can sign a petition that demands that people with mental illness be treated with respect. I’ve already signed, won’t you?


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We Need To Start Cherishing Solitude

Cherishing Solitude

“I used to think maybe that made me antisocial. I once typed “introvert” into Google and it defined an introvert as someone who is shy, quiet and self-centered. And THAT is exactly why I denied myself of who I was for so long. I can be quiet, but I don’t consider myself shy. I really like to think I’m not any more self-centered than your average college student.”

“It took me a long time and some considerable research to realize that Google is wrong! (Gasp!) An introvert isn’t someone who’s shy and self-centered. Sure, they CAN be shy and/or self-centered, but that has nothing to do with the introverted part of them. I can see what Google was trying to get at with that definition, as introverts are people who cherish alone time. (NOT the same thing as self-centered, though).

After spending time with friends and being around people for a few days straight, I found myself becoming grumpier and grumpier and just exhausted. As in, two hour nap every day or I can’t function. So a few nights ago, I set aside a couple hours for myself to “recharge”. And this is actually what it is. Introverts are drained by being around others. This doesn’t mean they don’t like people. It just means it takes a lot out of them.”


“This of course does not mean that I want to be alone at all times. As a music education major and future teacher, I love being around people. However, I also love myself and giving myself what I need. Nor does this mean that I am constantly feeling lonely. Many introverts know that they are more likely to feel alone in a room full of people than when in their room alone. I can always turn inward for comfort and familiarity.”

“Never should an introvert let someone convince them that the necessity of alone time is a hindrance to living one’s life. Chances are, you’re more likely to enjoy your life outside of alone time when you do get that time to reflect. You will be a happier, healthier you if you listen that voice telling you it’s time to recharge.”


“Here’s what I do in this valued time:

Actually just sit and stare into space. I allow myself uninterrupted time to think. I’ll review the day, analyze conversations I had, think about what I’ve done to be productive, think about my plans for the near and far future, etc. I think about funny things and laugh out loud alone and I refuse to be ashamed of that.

BE productive! Guess what I did two nights ago in my alone time? Swept the garage, unloaded/loaded the dishwasher, watered the plants, played with the dogs, folded/put away clean laundry, made and ate dinner myself, and wrote five pages in my journal. I also use this time to sing and discover new stations on Pandora.

Run or exercise in another way. I always consider running part of my alone time. I usually run on a treadmill with headphones on. Another reason I love running is because it’s a time where I can be active and simultaneously be alone with my thoughts.

Read or write. It’s an escape. Not because I’m living vicariously through fiction because I can’t handle the troubles of my own world. It just gives my mind a rest when the thoughts become overbearing. In fact, a lot of what I read recently are biographies and nonfiction articles.”



25 People On The Sexiest “Nonsexual” Thing A Person Can Do

Sexiest Nonsexual Things You Can Do

“1. Smell amazing.
Not even just cologne. Did you know beard oil is a thing? It smells unbelievably good.

2. I find men who are very masculine but briefly do something very feminine with their mouth, hands, or hips make my panties go full Niagara.

3. Laugh hard.
I’m always put off by women that feel they need to contain themselves. Your sense of humor is a huge part of who you are; don’t hide it.”

“4. When a guy rolls up his sleeves…something about the forearm.

5. Show insight, intelligence or wit.”


“6. Wear glasses and be a smart-ass jokester. Bonus points for doing both at the same time.

7. Smile and be polite to you even if they don’t know you.

8. We have this super-hot redhead at my work. But what makes her so attractive is that she is very nice to everyone regardless of what they look like or if they are above or below her as far as status. That and she is funny…suuuuuper sexy when a girl is funny.”



“10. Little random acts of kindness that they don’t expect other people to notice.
Like helping others pick things up, smiling, or making silly faces at little kids as they pass, offering little words of encouragement to others. There’s so many. It gets me every time.

11. Be decisive.
My ex would never take charge or make a decision then afterwards would bitch, my current girlfriend often doesn’t even ask for my input before making a decision and I think it’s incredibly sexy. To clarify, she usually only decides simple things without my input. Like where to eat, what movie to see, what to do on date nights, things like that.

12. Black rim glasses. I know girls that wear them and they lose attractiveness as soon as they take them off.”





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