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Yoga Poses That Will Improve Your Love Life

Yoga to Improve Love Life

Wide Leg Strattle
“The wide leg straddle is one of the best yoga poses to help improve your love life. This pose is great because it helps to increase and improve the flow of blood, especially in the pelvic area. This is a pose that will definitely help improve your love life because it increases energy and also blood flow.”


Child’s Pose
“Child’s Pose is a yoga pose that helps you center your thoughts on one thing and, most importantly, relax completely. This pose will relax you and will definitely increase your love life with your partner because you will learn to stay in the moment. It is a great pose to try!”


Shoulder Stand
“The Shoulder Stand pose is another excellent yoga pose to help make your love life better. This position helps pump blood to your heart, which is a great thing! You will find that it improves digestion, reduces anxiety and stress, and just helps you focus better. It also helps to improve your love life!”


Goddess Pose
“This is one of the best poses to help improve your love life and just your life overall! The goddess pose helps you with symptoms of PMS. Your reproductive organs will function better as well.”


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It’s just a step to the left and a jump to the right… over to your nearest MAC cosmetics counter

Stardate 68234.3


MAC Cosmetics is getting into the Halloween spirit this year and releasing a gorgeous cosmetics line inspired by Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Always wanted Magenta’s lipstick? Now you can own it! Follow this link:

Love Columbia’s pizzazz? MAC has you covered with a gold glitter that will get you tap dancing before you can blink.Or maybe you want a strong man with a tan in little gold shorts? Either way MAC has something sure to please. It’s also available in 3D black to add some shimmery dimension to you look.

Glitter link:

The nail polishes will have you feeling like a sweet transvestite from Transylvania: Bad Fairy is a gorgeous chromatic red with multi-changing red pearls. While, Formidable is a teal green with pink multi-changing pearls.

Want to Time Warp the night away with Riff-Raff? You will fit right in with this eye shadow set by MAC. Intense eyes…

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Yoga Poses That Target Your Abs

Namaste with Sofie

Shape Magazine, also known as Shape, is the #1 women’s fitness magazine. Although I personally don’t read the magazine, I do use the website for great tips and tricks when it comes to improving my practice. One particular article inspired quite a few of my poses. It’s titled The Best Yoga Poses for Flat Abs, by Jessica Smith. Even though these poses can be done by beginner’s, they can be challenging to maintain because you definitely feel the burn.  I figured I would share this article as my latest post since the abdomen tends to be a target area for many people who work out, but also because the true intention of my blog is to educate and raise awareness to the benefits of practicing yoga. Although the article consists of 12 poses, I am only going to include a few of my favorite.

Tree Pose

The first post I’m…

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Core Stability vs Core Mobility – The Building Blocks

North Coast Conditioning

A few weeks ago I posted an article written by Grey Cook and Mike Boyle called ‘The Joint by Joint Approach”. It’s a great little read about the purpose of our joints and the relationship stability and mobility have to chronic pain. If you have not read the article you  should check it out!

This week I am going to elaborate on what the article discussed, specifically focusing on the lumbar region of the spine and the core muscles surrounding it.


First of all we have to dispel a myth that marketing companies wish to keep over you for as long as they can. No amount of crunches, plank, or machine abdominal exercise will give you a six-pack or make your waist look thinner. The only thing that will get those abs popping is reduction in body fat. Doing an exercise in one area (otherwise known as spot training) will do nothing…

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Contemporary Fashion at Affordable Prices

Ikrush - Women's Fashion Store

Ashling Embellished Gem Black Dress

As any girl that likes to follow fashion knows, the changing trends mean that clothes shopping can become an expensive addiction; however, keeping up to date with the latest clothing does not have to be expensive. If you are currently shopping around for ladies/women’s jackets for the colder months, it is advisable to compare prices before paying out money for your chosen item. The changing seasons can mean that you have to buy a number of clothes at once in order to keep warm. However, this does not have to be pricey if you spend some time shopping around first.

Keep up with the fashion elite
If you are looking for a new website to quench your thirst for fashion, head over to and take a look at the fantastic range of clothes and accessories they have available. With so many different retailers out there, it can be hard…

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How your blog can improve your search engine ranking

Petite Girls Guide

How Blogging Can Help Your Company

“Blogging frequently can contribute significantly to customer acquisition. According to inbound marketing software company Hubspot, 92 percent of companies that blog multiple times a day gain a customer through that blog. Writing multiple times per day or week might seem like a lot of work, but its value to your firm’s search engine optimization and inbound marketing efforts is invaluable.”

“Long gone are the days of random link building and plugging in keywords tens of times in hopes of reaching higher in search rankings. That’s because Google is continually changing the algorithm it uses to offer the best possible search results. This algorithm is now sophisticated enough to recognize if a site is offering high-value content and is regularly updated, not just gaming its system.”

“We’ve heard it before: “Content is king.” In this case, those words reign true. Producing relevant content for your…

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My Blessing In Life

Petite Girls Guide

I love My Husband


“Every morning I wake up and see,
The most handsome man lying next to me.
He’s the one I cherish and love,
A blessing sent from Heaven above.
I will love him as a faithful wife should,
And do everything for him I could.
I would let him know every day,
That I love him more than words can say.
It will keep our love for each other strong,
And the Lord will guide us away from all wrong.”


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