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Signs & portents: November 2014 – Virgo


24 August – 22 September


November will see you relax a little, say the fates, saving your strength for the battles ahead. This is probably a good thing because you can expect your wife to regain consciousness on the 28th, & boy, is she going to be pissed at you!


The fates say that in November you will enjoy an extended respite from all your professional worries & have a chance to really think about the future. You will be made redundant on the 3rd.


An adequate performance is soon forgotten.

This machine is only partly operational – it will accept coins.

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Virgo November 2014 AstroTarot Horoscope

Madness: a meaningful journey

Fear Not, Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas:

New York Belle

Soooo it’s October 30th, you know what that means….last minute frenzy trying to get a great Halloween costume together. So why not go “shop your closet”?! Here are some helpful last-minute ideas:

1) The Addams Family – Wednesday Addams
What You’ll Need:
– collard black dress
– Braids
– Dour Expression


2) Annie Hall
What You’ll Need:
– Wide leg khakis
– A Tie
– Vest
– Wide brim hat


3) Black Swan – Nina Sayers
What You’ll Need:
– White tights
– Black bathing-suit
– Black skirt
– Jeweled headband
– Insane cat-eye


4) Bonnie and Clyde – Bonnie Parker
What You’ll Need:
– Beret
– Think knit
– Neckerchief
– Serious Attitude


5) Breakfast At Tiffany’s – Holly Golightly
What You’ll Need:
– LBD (Little Black Dress)
– Statement necklace
– Black Sunglasses
– Chignon


6) Clueless- Cher Horowitz
What You’ll Need:
– Plaid Mini-skirt
– White Blouse

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Daily Lovescopes


twin flame hearts

Love Horoscopes – October 30, 2014

from –

Aries: Use some of that charm today to accomplish goals or push your way into situations that will get you where you need to be. This especially applies to love, but it also applies to any competitive interests you may have, anything where you want to come out a winner. If you are attached, focus on a problem that has become increasingly more complex, you will be able to fix it once and for all. Those close to you may come asking for favors, especially the ones who know exactly what buttons to push to get you to do what they want. Don’t be sucked into guilt but don’t stop yourself from helping those you deserve it. Recognize that you want to help and not that you feel you have to. By the end of the day, you will have…

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