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Women's Latest Fashion

Women of all age groups like high heel boots.High heel boots are a must for any girl’s shoe collection.Most of the women find high heel boots as elegant footwear that provides comfort and style.You should have several pairs of high heels boots in your wardrobe.

leopard over the knee boots,heel boots,over the knee heel boots,high heel boots Faux suede stretch above the knee high heel boots.Closed to,inner zipper.Boot measures about 25 inches long including the heel with the circumference of 14 inches.

heel boots,knee high heel boots,platform heel boots,suede knee high heel boots This suede knee high heel boots features include a smooth faux suede, inner side zip for easy slip on and off. 4.5 inch heel, shaft measures at approx. 20 inches including heel and circumference measures at approx. 14 inches wide.

heel boots,platform heel boots,spiked heel boots,platform boots These spiked heel boots feature a studded heel, side buckle and strap decor, a chain running across the back of heel, inner zipper closure, 6 inch heel measuring at 12.5 inches from top to bottom and 10 inch circumference.

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