Bipolar and Mental Illnesses are written about here. Written by a bipolar person themselves.

Handcuffs Hurt

1. Smile!

2. Get over it!

3. Why don’t you get a new job?images.jpgdepression smiley face

4. It’s all in your head. You need to be more positive.

5. You should take more vitamins.

6. Have you thought about exercising more?

7. What have you got to feel bad about? There are so many people worse off than you.

8. You look like shit!

9. Have you gained weight?

10. Eat something, you’re wasting away!

11. We’ve decided it’s in the best interest of our company to let you go…

12. You wanna go to a bar? This is nothing a good bender won’t cure.

13. Thank you for you applications, but K-Mart has received several more qualified applicants…

14. You think you got problems, you should hear about my week…

15. You need to get laid!

16. Is your marriage Ok?

17. You don’t need those pills. You’re just putting money in the pockets of Big Pharma.

18. Just do…

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