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IDEA POWERNurses deal with violence. Lots and lots of violence.

NIOSH WPVHC Extent of the ProblemHow much? Apparently no one tracks all such events. In Workplace Violence Prevention For Nurses, CDC reports “… most studies show that health care workers, particularly nurses, are at a far higher risk of workplace violence compared to most other professions…”  In one year, 20 in 100,000 workers suffered nonfatal injuries from workplace violence in a year. In healthcare, the incidence was over 80. For nurses, the rate was over 200: TEN TIMES MORE VIOLENT INJURIES than the rest of American workers.

In another study, 80% of nurses felt unsafe at work.

In another one, 82% of ED nurses had been physically assaulted at work in one year.

” 35-80% of hospital staff have been physically assaulted at least once…”

“25% of psychiatric nurses experienced disabling injuries from patient assaults”

One large study showed a physical assault rate of 13,000, and…

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