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5 Ball Moves to Master

Fit to Be Fit

Brace your core for these challenging stability ball exercises

For many, simply balancing yourself on a stability ball is half the battle. We get it. But once you’ve mastered that and other basic ball moves, it’s time to challenge yourself all over again. Try these five:

1. Single-Leg Bridge


How to do it: Start by performing a bridge on a ball. Straighten one leg, then lift it until it’s pointed toward the ceiling. Lower leg and repeat for 10 reps. Wait, you’re not done. Complete 10 reps on the other leg!

2. The Pike


How to do it: Start out by doing a plank on the ball. Using all the balance and core strength you can muster, roll forward until the tops of your feet. Your hips should “pike” into the air. If you can do one, then try 8.

3. Ball Tuck With Leg Lift

MI5Wz589EDsk8JSoZuL91XyLDIlCR8jYdMuXFdRk2fMHow to do it:

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