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HIV and AIDS Awareness is something I am very passionate about. It is my goal of the future to go around the country (world?) educating people about what it is and how to protect themselves against it.

As I am also passionate about Mental Health Awareness, and these two issues go hand-in-hand, I thought I should post something addressing the topic.

Positive mental health is an important part of staying healthy when living with HIV.

I have a lot to say but I figure I shouldn’t bog down this post with a bunch of text. 🙂     I am sharing some links which explain what HIV and AIDS are, but if you have questions about further information please contact me, either here in the comments or by email (! Some of the links also contain information about how mental health pertains to people living with HIV/AIDS.

Much like depression and other mental illnesses, the best cure for HIV and AIDS is awareness. Knowing…

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