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Christmas nails are an absolute must for this time of year, so I wanted to make it super easy for you to join in the festive fun.  Here are six simple designs for anyone to try and the best thing is you don’t need anything except a few Christmassy nail polishes to give them a go!



1. Paint a layer of your base coat followed by two coats of green polish.

2. Paint a series of white stripes, each a little shorter than the last.

3. Repeat point 2 using some red varnish but allow some of the white polish to show through.

4. If your hands are steady enough, do the same in gold for a super Christmassy staircase.  Finish up with your top coat.




1. Paint a layer of base coat, followed by some red varnish.

2. Apply a slick of glittery polish diagonally across the tip.

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