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A true Virgo


My star sign is Virgo as I was born mid September and although I don’t read a daily/monthly star sign predictions I believe that there is something to them and the traits, well on the most part, I do know a few people who are the opposite to their main traits but do have flashes of them show through from time to time.

The typical personality traits of a Virgo are meticulous, intelligent, practical, analytical, reliable, honest, over critical, fussiness, harsh, fastidious, conservative and judgemental to list the positives and negatives. I am all of these except for harsh, I’m very diplomatic with others although I suppose I am extremely harsh on myself. I would also add empathetic and creative to the list and that about sums me up.

True! True!

I am a perfectionist and pick up on the tiniest things which doesn’t help with problems derived from my mobility…

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