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A few months before Summer, everyone is going gym/health crazy to get that beach ready bod. Phrases like “half a sandwich please” or “do you have skimmed milk?” are heard almost everywhere. For a short period of time you’re in health mode, counting calories, hitting the gym and even IMing your personal trainor. The problem with this scenario is that after the summer frolic is over we all go back to our sedentary lives and junk food addiction. (Note:salads with heavy dressing are junk food so don’t close this post just yet sister!)

I am no exeption to this deed(yeah let’s call it that) but ever since I turned 25 I have been looking into these health stuff more. If you are not careful of what you’re doing to your body, things can go downhill as fast as you say Vanillay Soy Latte.


What I learned in school is that…

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