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What’s the Difference?
“The terms psychopaths and sociopaths share many similarities, being used almost interchangeably by criminologists and forensic psychologists on television. Although both are subtypes of antisocial personality disorder marked by dissociation from emotions and a lack of ability to feel empathy, there are several key differences between the two disorders.

Psychopaths and sociopaths make up one percent and four percent of the population, or 3 million and 13 million Americans, respectively. Despite them having a separate set of diagnostic criteria, psychopaths and sociopaths do share several traits in common. These include a disregard for laws and social rules, a disregard for the rights of others, an inclination towards violent behavior and an inability to feel remorse or guilt.”

Sociopathic behavior:
However, their similarities end there, with both disorders carrying a separate set of behavioral characteristics. Sociopaths tend to be more nervous and easy to agitate or…

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