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Since October, I’ve been going to ashtanga yoga with the Yoga Society and my sports buddy through the Nottingham Advantage Award. At first, I must admit I was quite wary about joining yoga. I had visions of myself lying on the floor, concentrating on my breathing and not doing much physical activity. I’ve also read stories of how many people pass wind during yoga and was a bit apprehensive.

But after the first session, I was hooked. Ashtanga yoga is more dynamic than other types and it involves a lot of movement, stretching, twisting and jumping between positions. I got a good workout from it and could feel all my muscles, especially those in my legs. I also love a good stretch.

However, there is one thing about yoga, which I struggle with each week… the first downward dog of the session.

Downward Dog Downward Dog

The down dog position is a…

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