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Building the Booty

Lunges & Lipsticks


So I’m not a personal trainer or anything but i can see results from my progress (i actually see a trainer once a week and workout on my own 2-3x a week). & while i am super excited to bust out my big guns (ok they aren’t that big – yet) i am even more excited that i have been building my booty! yes you can build your butt.

not too long ago i found this pic which shows you how to work the diff parts of your butt:

bbl-science green says you should do jumping jacks

yellow says you should do lunges

red said you should do SQUATS

so can you guess what i do a lot of ?


regular squats, front loaded squats, pile squats, hack squats, jump squats, wide stance squats, & I’ve been trying to do pistol squats (the one legged…

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