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Aligned for Mercury Retrograde


This Mercury Retrograde period is in Aquarius which is a fixed air sign. It has everything to do with information. When Mercury is retrograde we are meant to be reflective about information; to size it up, listen twice and pay attention so we don’t make castles in the air that will only crumble when put to the test.

Given the aspects it makes while on its retrograde journey I expect this period to be one where much could be learned and lots could be organized or disposed of if it has outlived its usefulness.

In its journey it will sextile Uranus on January 28th (It also does this in the shadow periods before and after: January 14th and March 1st.) This is a very positive opportunity to think right outside the box. Do not be afraid of things that are inventive and unusual. But since Mercury is retrograde take time…

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