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Lovely Legs + Booty Workout

Miss Twentyish

Leg day.

It’s one of the toughest days for me at the gym. You exert a lot of energy, use heavy weights, and get tired pretty quickly. Being a shorter girl with a larger behind, this is my hardest day and most essential. Ladies like me, you get the struggle. Let me save you some time and I’ll share my leg/glutes workout routine.

 1. Squats with assist bar

The assist is really helpful, especially for girls who are A. Not used to squatting with a bar and B. Are squatting with heavier weights. I prefer using the assist, because I feel safer knowing that I can stop mid-squat if I get tired. I usually will do this first, so as to have all of my energy while I’m standing and squatting.
I use 35lb weights on both ends when I’m squatting. Beginners, start with 15lbs and you can gradually add…

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