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Blue's Bipolar Life

We’ve all experienced it, but there’s no commercial for the bipolar person’s sexual dysfunction.   A common side effect of the medications that are routinely prescribed is a lack of libido, desire or ability to perform sexully.  Add in the depression and dysthymia and your spouse who married you when you were manic and hypomanic is sorely disappointed in the bedroom.  Not to mention your own frustration, because even if you want to do “it”, anorgasmia  strikes.

Anorgasmia noun; inability to experience sexual orgasm.

That’s it, half a sentence in the dictionary.  For something so complex I imagined there’d be more.

And that’s only a problem if you actually feel like trying. hummingbird  When in a depressive episode and it may feel more like a violation, I feel like an understanding spouse would only press the issue ever so slightly, testing the waters you might say.  For the benefit of said understanding spouse, it’s…

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