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Exercise and Bipolar

Petite Girls Guide

Exercise is Essential for the Bipolar Person

Exercise, in my opinion, is one of the biggest factors for Bipolar sufferers, that is an absolute MUST DO, that is, if being stable is their main goal. Most people suffering from Bipolar Disorder are depressed and exercising does nothing but help a person feel better inside and out, as well as, help every aspect of their illness in a positive way. Exercising is CRUCIAL for remaining a clear-headed, relaxed, not manic nor depressive person. Exercising is doing so many good things to your body, and all over, too! It helps you release stress and tension, leaving you to feel calmer, more peaceful, and without feeling any anxiousness, that Bipolar sufferers are always feeling or fighting. Exercise clears our heads from all of the (extra thousands) of thoughts that run through our heads. It allows you to lose calories, therefore…

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