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We all know of exercise as that thing touted by popular magazine covers as a tool to lose weight. “Get Your Body Bikini Ready!” “Drop Those Holiday Pounds!” “Look Better Naked!” While we can’t argue that exercise is an important part of any weight management program, we can take a different perspective to get excited about exercise.

Research has indicated that those who exercise for appearance-related reasons are less likely enjoy their workout and will feel more objectified. Additionally, there is evidence that intrinsic reasons for exercising (those that have to do with your own feelings and self-benefit) are related to more positivity about exercise, as opposed to extrinsic reasons for exercising (like concern about what others might think of you or your appearance).

Here is a list of great intrinsic reasons to help create your exercise spark:

  1. Because it makes you feel strong and athletic
  2. Because it reminds you…

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