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Today’s Virgo Horoscope

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Some people will tell you that you should hide yourself away this weekend, that you should stay at home with your cats and sit up against the window when it starts raining so that passersby can be transported to a serene and deep place of understanding by the fleeting vision of you sitting there, probably in a sweater, the most beautiful and most transient creature the world has ever known, caged by the very beauty that makes you so exceptional and life-affirming.

And you know what, Virgo? They’re right. On this one occasion, for this one weekend, they’re right. But there’s one difference, and it’s vital. You need to stay away from the windows this weekend. You know why. Don’t blame your asset for the things he can’t control, but at the same time, anyone could be out there. And they could be an expert in long-range, silenced weapons. Not…

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