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virgo nabob

es zodiacLet’s get out our tea leaves, tarot cards and Dionne Warwick albums… because it’s Friday!  That means it’s time for the next astrological sign to get put through the wringer here at The Nest in our Zodiac series!  Today, it’s all about those pure, innocent little Virgos for whom Young MC has supplied with their very own celibate nooses…

The only one of my comic characters who falls into the sector of the zodiac reserved for Virgo is my curmudgeonly porcupine Nabob (August 23), who gets the honor of being my featured critter for this post.  While Nabob seems to be more suited as a Cancer crab, perhaps it’s the fact that he’s a Virgo that explains why he’s always so cranky and out of sorts…

Blame Astrology, not anatomy... Blame astrology, not anatomy…

I used the character Sprots for my 2010 zodiac project.  You see her a lot in awkward situations with ES…

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