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I wrote the below post about a week ago and had it Scheduled for publish today, but things can change drastically in a week when you have Bipolar Disorder and are under major stress from outside influences i.e. “The Painter From Hell”!

“I’m Bipolar, as those who have read my posts before know, and I’m currently in the middle of changing my cocktail of meds for probably the millionth time but the unusual thing about this time is I’m feeling good.

No, scrap that, I’m feeling great!

I’ve got a month left of change over left and I’m feeling better by the day. I’m not just feeling better I’m feeling normal.

For the last 10 years I have felt either like I’m walking under water drugged up to my eyeballs or high as a kite, not sleeping, and bouncing off the walls.

I am feeling so good that after Christmas…

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