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Spring Break Body


Spring break is coming up soon, and everyone wants to have the best beach bod around! If your going any where from California to Florida you still want to be able to strut around confidently in your own skin, here are a few tips to gain some confidence and look hot this break!

For a good bikini bod it’s important for the focus of the workout to be on abs, but toning your legs and butt muscles is important too! For the work out to be most successful you need to make a plan and stay consistent with it, such as doing 2 cycles of a routine in a day every day, alternate between day one and day 2 for best results

Day 1:

30 second crunch

50 crunches

70 Russian twists

15 squats

5 push up

30 jumping jacks

20 standing calf raises

Day 2:

60 jumping jacks


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