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Twitter in danger

“What is Twitter? To people who use it all the time, the question is almost laughable, like asking “What is talking?” But to people who don’t use it, the question is hard to answer. It’s also hard, apparently, if you’re Twitter.”

“The social media company will announce its quarterly earnings later today. More than any dollar amount, shareholders will watch closely for signs of life among Twitter’s users—more sign-ups, more visits, more tweets. When Twitter last reported its financial results in October, growth in user numbers and activity had been sluggish, leading to a big drop in Twitter’s share price and much badmouthing of Twitter CEO Dick Costolo. Since then, Twitter has rolled out several new features aimed at making the service more inviting and user-friendly. But what if the very features that make the service more approachable for n00bs alienates the core audience that finds it…

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