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If You Live To Be 100

Last weekend I made a trip to my mother’s house, the house I grew up in, to obtain some paperwork in order to sell her car now that she’s no longer driving. The house will be the next item sold, once I can get it fully cleared out.

A lot of the furniture moved with Mom, so the living room looks a bit ‘bare’ now, and there’s little to attract focus…to draw the eye.

Except for…..that wall.




The wall I speak of is one of the room’s end walls. It has a brick fireplace with a wooden mantle, same as it has been since the house was built. A large mirror hangs above it which reflects back upon the room and, with a subtle eye trick, makes it appear more spacious. Mom was Feng Shui before it was cool, apparently.

The wall is also the only one…

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