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Be Your Own Hero

Having trouble deciding if they are relationship material? Maybe he’s a gem, maybe you are never ever ever getting back together. This list will help to determine if he is worth the effort. Whether you are in a loving relationship or a complicated situation, we can all benefit from reading about these qualities.


  1. He’s open, honest, and gives you good reason to trust him.  Good boyfriends are transparent about their feelings, and they don’t give you an opportunity to doubt them. So, don’t think he’s so sweet for being honest with you about how hott his co-worker is; that is obviously a red flag.  If he is being shady about your relationship and wants to keep you a secret in public or on social media, time to break up the nonsense.
  2. He doesn’t use “too busy” as an excuse.  No matter how tired a great boyfriend is, you won’t have to nag him to stay…

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