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Toned Twenties

The other day I was scrolling on Pinterest and came across this image. It’s an ad for a clothing company.


Seems like a fairly noncontroversial picture but this one image caused quite the spark of comments. Under the image read a caption about trying the belly button challenge.If you haven’t heard yet the challenge is when you can reach your arm around and touch your fingers to your belly button. The caption also mentioned that even if you can’t preform this contortion you’re still beautiful and that it’s just a fun trick.

The comments ranged from “this is the reason girls have body image problems” to “it’s just a fun trick” to “anyone can do this if they stretch and they don’t have to be super thin”. After reading quite a few comments it got me thinking…who is considered right about this picture? What I concluded was it is all your perceptive on the…

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