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The Barefoot Doctor

‘I bow or salute your form’

by Claudia Tremblay

 It is both a beautiful and appropriate ritual to begin and seal your practice.  Bringing our hands to Anjali Mudra, in prayer position, whilst closing the eyes and gently bowing the head, helps us to centre within the heart space.  It also helps us to close out the outside world, retreating within, and focusing our mind upon our practice.

“Kaar”, meaning the spirit within me recognizes the spirit within you, both sparks of the divine residing within the heart chakra.  This is the hearts intelligence and knowing, acknowledging brahma, within and through us and in those that you meet.  This can only be done by love opening the heart chakra, love really is the key.

This interconnection between all the material and immaterial substances that make up our world, both organic and inorganic materials creates ‘the web of life’.  We are all creations of…

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