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Finally people who want to catch a taxi and have that taxi ride turn out to be a date with the driver (for some reason) can say – there’s an app for that.

Tuber, a rideshare/dating app hybrid, marketed as a combination of Uber and Tinder, has launched in Australia to a mixed reception. Initial user feedback describing the app has ranged from “unnecessary” to “highly unnecessary”.

Tuber was developed by the team at Pretty Good Applications, an Australian company that’s responsible for a range of poorly received apps including “Composed Birds”, “Temple Walk” and “Words With Enemies”.

“This one’s a real game-changer though,” says Pretty Good Applications founder/convicted felon Marc Bowie. “Basically, the way it works is you sign up for the service and if you need a ride you send a request. Then when the car shows up it turns out you’re actually on a date with the…

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