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Avoid These Caloric Drinks  
#1 Delicious, Refreshing Summer Calories

“Nothing cools you down on a hot summer day like a cold summer drink. But most of us are making big calorie mistakes with these summer coolers.”

#2 Sno Cones

“These only look like the healthiest option that the ice cream man offers. These babies are 90% high-calorie syrup. A single snow cone can have as many as 300 calories.”


#3 Coolatas

“Frappuccinos get a bad rap, but they’re not the only blended coffee offenders. The Coolattas at Dunkin Donuts have more calories than anything you’ll find at Starbucks.”


#4 Piña Coladas 

“Coconut and pineapple taste great together, especially on a summer day. But this may be the most calorific alcoholic beverage of them all. On average, a beach-side pina colada has 644 calories!”


#5 Margaritas 

“A margarita is the ultimate summer drink. Unfortunately, each drink packs a ton of calories. Even if you stop at just one, you’ll ingest around 400 calories per 8oz. serving.”


#6 Slurpee

“Dreaming of a trip to the slushie machine at your local 7-Eleven? Think twice. A large coke-flavored Slurpee has 570 calories.”


#7 Frappuccino’s

“Summer is the season of delicious iced summer drinks. We all love Starbucks’ Frappuccinos, but these babies pack a calorie punch that most of us can’t afford. A venti Caramel Frappuccino, for example, has a whopping 510 calories.”



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