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Virgo – What are you dreaming of? Get out your dream-catcher, your dream book, phone your psychotherapist, pen and pencil ready! get dreaming. The subconscious mind is not as scary as all that! the secrets of your heart, may really help lead the way to a more balanced life. This would be an outstanding energy to do get to grips with some of your darker issues. You could talk these through with a counsellor, friend, or maybe even a group. The likelihood is that repressed energies may want to resurface, either in actual experiences or up from your subconscious in a dream. A dream or other type of journal would be a lovely use of this energy. Alternatively, it could be you who takes the role of listener as someone seeks you out to express some subconscious material. This energy offers a great opportunity for healing. Explore.   

If this…

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