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Petite Girls Guide

Sexiest Nonsexual Things You Can Do

“1. Smell amazing.
Not even just cologne. Did you know beard oil is a thing? It smells unbelievably good.

2. I find men who are very masculine but briefly do something very feminine with their mouth, hands, or hips make my panties go full Niagara.

3. Laugh hard.
I’m always put off by women that feel they need to contain themselves. Your sense of humor is a huge part of who you are; don’t hide it.”

“4. When a guy rolls up his sleeves…something about the forearm.

5. Show insight, intelligence or wit.”


“6. Wear glasses and be a smart-ass jokester. Bonus points for doing both at the same time.

7. Smile and be polite to you even if they don’t know you.

8. We have this super-hot redhead at my work. But what makes her so attractive is that she is very nice…

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