Bipolar and Mental Illnesses are written about here.

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Hope for Mental Health


“Hope for Mental Health: Even if we can’t cure our disorder, we can always try to manage it.”

“Even though mental health treatments may not work consistently, there is always hope for patients. I’ve had bipolar disorder since the day I was born but I didn’t start displaying symptoms until the age of 26. So I’ve been dealing with a mental illness for nearly 11 years. As I reflect on my medical history I’ve come to accept that with any mental illness, it is only ‘manageable’ and not curable. There are limitations with what one can do to stay well and there are also barriers on what a doctor can do to help. This may sound discouraging, however, I feel that it’s important to recognize that there’s a difference between managing your illness and trying to cure it. A mental illness is not curable, despite what…

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