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Jupiter will enter the sign of Virgo from the August 11, 2015 and will remain there until September 9, 2016 in the house of its ruler,Mercury, so expected to operate according to the nature of Mercury. By this way, it means that Jupiter is losing something of his excitement and optimism as it abandons the sign of Leo after 12 months. To say a few words about Jupiter in Virgo, for those who have that influence in their astrological chart.
With Jupiter in Virgo,you have self-control, you are usually calm and in complete readiness to face any difficulty. Willingly offer your services (Virgo) without display your skills. In your work you are meticulous and committed. For self suit professions connected with the medical profession. Besides, however, become excellent and reliable employees. Your goals have always spiritual and ideological background.

jupiter in virgo2

But when it manifests its negative side, Jupiter expands rigor and…

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