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The Barefoot Doctor

Ever wondered what your Chinese Medicine Practitioner is looking for when asking you to stick out your tongue?   Here’s a great diagram that shows just that.


Pale tongue body:  This can show either qi, yang, or blood deficiency.   A pale tongue is common for people when they are feeling fatigued and for women after their period.

Bright red tongue body:  A very red tongue shows heat in the body.   A red tip may indicate insomnia. Someone with a very red tongue should probably avoid spicy foods, cigarettes,  alcohol and anything that adds extra heat into their system.

Thick coating on the tongue:  A coat is normal first thing in the morning, during Spleen and Stomach time.  After this, a thick coat shows an excess of some kind.  It may be excess heat or cold, or dampness in the body.  If you see a…

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