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Silly Little Things


Aug 23 – Sep 22

He may live with a mess on the living room carpet,

but you can bet he’s cleaning up his psyche. 

From the book “Astrology for Lovers” written by Liz Green.

VIRGOTo begin with, we can throw away everybody’s favourite image of that eternal ashtray-emptier and furniture-duster.  The neat, orderly, tidy soul with the perfectly balanced bank account and the immaculate kitchen is a picture which sends most Virgos into fits of cynical laughter.  And even the virtuous, virginal lady with the unbound hair (discreetly clothed) who adorns jewelry and zodiacal knick-knacks doesn’t have much to do with our theme either.  For some rather elusive reasons – reasons which just might lie, as so much astrological misunderstanding does, in the attempt during medieval times to Christianize or make ‘moral’ a symbolic system that is far older and more inclusive than Christianity – Virgo is sadly…

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