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hair dye tricks Photo: ImaxTree

Whether you’re enhancing your natural color or changing it completely, hair dye is nothing short of transformative. It doesn’t just change the way you look, it changes the way you feel. But if you color your hair yourself, you know that it comes with a whole host of problems—or it did until now.

That’s right: We’ve put together our ultimate list of hair-dye tricks. These brilliant hacks are going to change your color-loving life and take your hair game to the next level, guaranteed.

1. Remove dye stains from skin.

Anyone living that bottle brunette life knows how annoying those dark dye stains left around your hairline and on your neck are. Sure, you could make a trip to the beauty supply store for those special makeup removing wipes—or you could mix a tablespoon of olive oil with a blob of whitening toothpaste, apply it to a cotton ball…

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