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Well, this is interesting: A new study has proven that the very premise of the paleo diet might be completely false.

In case you’re unaware, the buzzy eating plan is highly restrictive—followers have to eschew grains, legumes, dairy, and sugar in favor of a diet rich in meat and veggies. Basically all the good stuff, but devotees believe strongly that a lack of carbs help spur the dramatic increase in brain size humans experienced over the past 800,000 years.

Well, that was the thought, until now. According to a new study, carbs were actually readily available to cavemen, in the form of tubers, roots, seeds, and certain fruit. In fact, researchers even found that it’s likely that eating carbs were the reason our brains developed so rapidly—which fully debunks the paleo theory. Hear that? Carbs are not the devil, people, so put down the bone broth.

Up until now, there has been a heavy focus on the role…

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