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Overcome OCD“Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can be a difficult, confusing experience. To overcome OCD, you need a clear understanding of how OCD works.”

The Ultimate Doubting Disease

“Obsessive Compulsive Disorder bedevils millions of people with repetitive thoughts and rituals. It’s the ultimate doubter’s disease. Overcoming OCD will require you to work differently with uncertainty and doubts.”

“Like all anxiety disorders, OCD works by tricking you. You need to understand how this trick works if you’re going to overcome OCD.”

The OCD Trick

“The OCD Trick is this: you experience doubt, but respond as if it’s danger.”

  • You experience Doubt

Here’s how it works.
“You experience an unwanted thought which suggests the possibility of a catastrophic problem. For instance:”

  • What if I left the stove on, and the neighborhood burns?
  • What if I got insecticide on my hands, and my family gets poisoned?
  • What stops me from taking the carving knife…

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