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Remembering Fosse For Just a Moment 

I have been dancing for over 25 years, and over 15 of those years I have danced Jazz. So you can imagine my intense excitement over talking about the man who invented “Jazz”! I have always had an infatuation about Fosse and his style of dramatic yet perfect jazz choreography and his way of dancing. He lived every moment of his life devoted to dance, being a dancer, teaching others, putting on shows and anything else that could take up his time. The first time I saw “All that Jazz”, I was in college, and almost angry at myself for not learning about Fosse years before that. Shame on me, I almost felt. After seeing that movie, my vision towards jazz was seen in a whole new light. I now appreciated it so much more, a very intense appreciation you might say. I saw myself beginning to talk more highly about myself as a jazz dancer, and quoting Fosse and Martha Graham. I also started seeing more performances at my university’s Performing Arts Theatre. I was drinking red wine, as opposed to my normal Bud Light. Things in my life actually began to change all from this one movie. This may all sound weird, but it’s all so true.

All my life, I’ve enjoyed having people I look up to, people, whom I wish to try and be good enough for. Bob Fosse has always been one person on this earth, that I asume, I wouldn’t be a good enough dancer for. So, after seeing “All that Jazz”, in my head, I wanted to become as good of a performer as those dancers I had just seen on TV. To this day, I can say I have added many more years of dancing jazz to my already long list of dances I have performed for, choreographed to, and just danced for the love of dance. I wish there were more crazy, insanely brilliant and dedicated people in this world. Their rarity is what makes them unforgettable icons that will always remain in our hearts and minds. But we will never stop trying to be as good as them. Them you ask? Your egos that is.


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