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Orange and Blue!!!  
The first offensive series of the Jim McElwain era wasn’t very good. But tonight was the Gator’s 1st NCAA home-game, in Gainesville, Florida, and they looked as good as they played. They started out strong, and offense was did a great job of getting the ball in the endzone. Both quarterbacks, #7 Grier and #3 Harris, did equally well, and both scored touchdowns. The Aggie’s were not so together as a whole, compared to Florida.

New Mexico State got on the board late in the second period when Grier’s second possession ended with a sack by linebacker Terrill Hanks that forced the UF quarterback to fumble the ball away at his own 20. The Aggies scored six plays later on an 8-yard run by tailback Larry Rose III. 

By the fourth quarter, the score was 61 Gator’s, 13 New Mexico St. But there would be no more TD’s after that. What a great game. It was the first Florida game that I have been proud of in quite some time. My Alma Mater is coming back strong. Go Gators!!! Go Orange and Blue!!! I foresee this 2015 season going very well. 



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