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Petite Girls Guide


Some days it seems that no matter how many different outfits you try on, they all seem boring and dull. Accessories can help you make any outfit look fresh and exciting! Here’s some quick ways to accessorize any outfit!”

1. Decide on the look of your outfit, as well as get an idea of what you would like to wear. Determine the style, is it casual, dressy, athletic? There’s so many categories to choose from!


2. Determine if your accessories need to be flashy and fun? Or do they need to be more subtle, yet sophisticated?

3. Gather all your jewelry, scarves, bags, shoes, and whatever else you think could go with the outfit you have in mind. Be bold and try new combinations from your closet, put new outfits together, with different accessories that you would usually not wear with that particular piece of clothing.


4. Now experiment…

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