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Butterscotch and Berry's

DIY Gel Nails-Get a salon look for a fraction of the cost! Butterscotch and Berry's

My nails have been a mess lately. I have brittle nails so they never stay long (despite my best efforts). In my experience at the nail salon, gel has always given me the look I want without causing severe damage and making my already weak nails weaker. But I don’t have time (or the money really) to go weekly/bi-weekly right now. So I searched for a way that I could do this at home. I knew didn’t want to get some massive kit where you had to have lights and special gear. I just wanted something simple. Something fool-proof. I walked into our local Sally’s Beauty store and they introduced me to a product I’ll NEVER be without again!

Gelous Gel

Hello American Classics Gelous Nail Gel! It’s like a clear polish but has the strength of gel. And I can do any design I want, use any brand of polish; I…

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