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Brea Baggins

I was going to do a makeup post tonight, but I thought.. Why not switch it up! I needed to paint my nails tonight anyways and it’s been such a long time since I’ve done something fun with my nails.

I always have my nails done, but lately I’ve been so busy I’ve just have plain all one color or press on nails this summer.

I even surprised a friend of mine for having black nails a few days ago.

I think his response was “what! where is the pink Brea?!” and it made me think.. I haven’t been doing all my fun cutesy stuff as much because i’ve been so busy.. So as the wise ones say TREAT YO SELF!

I used this floral pattern as inspiration for some fall inspired floral. Floral can be any season right? Please say yes.


I found this image here and I believe…

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