Bipolar and Mental Illnesses are written about here.

Petite Girls Guide

Relationship Between Bipolar & Earnings“Mental illness is not something we often talk about at work, but for those who suffer from a mental illness, it often affects how they go about their day.”

“That often affects their work — usually, but not always, in a negative way.”

“New research from Barbara Biasi and Petra Moser at Stanford and Michael S. Dahl at Aalborg University in Denmark shows that to be true for bipolar disorder, which “causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks,” according to the National Institute of Health.”

“People with bipolar disorder usually experience both “manic” (euphoric and optimistic) and depressive states. Because of this, it is sometimes called “CEOs disease.” The characteristics of manic states — things like being optimistic and being willing to take more risks — tend to make good entrepreneurs.”

“But there is a big…

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