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Only Here for a Spell

As we look forward into the next three weeks of Mercury Retrograde, let me just relate some good information about the POSITIVE and BENEFICIAL aspects of a Mercury Retrograde. I am not trying to paste a smile on and be Pollyanna about the little stinker in his stinky phase, there truly is good stuff here.

First, it is a time of re-visiting. Re-visiting issues you thought you had dealt with. At first this can seem irritating and annoying, but, you must realize that the Universe is bringing this issue back into your focus NOT because you haven’t dealt with it well, but because you HAVE, and now are ready to deal with it at a new level. You are being asked to deal with the issue and gain GREATER wisdom, in a deeper (or higher) layer, which will be of great benefit to you, and even perhaps to others.


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