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These looks are the most interesting and most fashionable, from 2015’s New York Fashion Week. Find fashions that only look expensive and learn the best ways to wear what you already own for your most stylish you ever. It’s not hard to guess at what will be the big trends for any Fall season. You can put money on the fact that colors will be toned down, that some cozy fabric will be on every runway, that at least one — if not several — decades will be referenced, and that there will be coats. Lots of coats.

Outerwear is a crucial component to any quality Fall collection, and this season, it seemed as if every designer was set on showing some version of the cape. And why shouldn’t they? The fashion-forward street style crowd has been forgoing sleeves for years. Classic cape silhouettes abound, but also look for a few toppers — Is that cape a dress? Are those faux sleeves? — that are optical style illusions.

Looking for a hint of femininity in your workplace wardrobe? Try a pussy bow. This simple addition to the basic blouse, a delicate collar tied askew, is a decidedly romantic touch that was all over the runways, particularly in Milan, where plunging necklines are usually more common.


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