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Florida Are You Ready To Legalize Marijuana?
While the state of Florida continues to pussyfoot around with the implementation of a CBD-only law, the stage is being set to to legalize a full-scale medical marijuana program in 2016. United For Care, whose proposal to legalize the leaf for medicinal purposes failed by a narrow margin in last year’s November election, is now preparing to launch the second coming of the initiative in hopes of bringing medicinal herb to the Sunshine State once and for all. 

Although the campaign has not been formally announced, several reports have indicated that Orlando attorney John Morgan and his band of supporters, collectively known as United for Care, will begin grinding the pavement later this month to collect the signatures required to earn a spot on the ballot in the next presidential election.


The biggest obstacle, so far, is that the group has not been able to raise the funds needed to run a successful campaign—ballot initiatives require millions of dollars to bring the effort to fruition. An article in the Orlando Sentinel suggests that the group has only raised about $50,000 for the 2016 effort. 
However, the organization is still reportedly sitting on a portion of its financial arsenal from 2014. The next step is rebuilding the momentum for the cause—collecting the necessary signatures, while putting the initiative in a position to gain the additional 2 percent of the voters that it was unable to secure last year.
Florida law dictates that voter initiatives receive 60 percent approval in order to become law. Last year’s Amendment 2 secured only 58 percent.




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  1. Cool, well written article. The initiative to legalize will be on the CA ballot next year. My only question is, who decides how marijuana is then regulated and distributed? The State government? Here in CA they are actually proposing putting the State seal on all Cannabis products. I say FUNK that!

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